P90X2 Day 7: Rest Day!

Wow! What a week. 

AM Yoga DVD with Rodney Yee


To celebrate the end of our first week, Adam and I decided to do some foam rolling (45 minutes) and then turn on Yoga with our favorite teacher, Rodney Yee.

We’ve had the AM Yoga DVD for a few months now, doing each of the five different 20-minute sequences to start our days. But, since starting P90X2, we’ve missed seeing Rodney.  This morning we did “Back Bends” which focuses on opening up the lower back, in addition hamstrings, hips, etc. My favorite is probably “Hip Openers” because it focuses on one of my tightest areas.  The latter is great for dancers who want to get more out of their swivels.

We highly recommend this to anyone interested in Yoga–it is relaxing, energizing, and wonderful for experts and beginners alike.

Also, we got the compact Rumble Roller (extra firm) in the mail, which we’re excited to use tomorrow.

Next up…Round 2 of X2 Core!

P90X2 Day 6: X2 Balance and Power

Best Quote from Tony: when he sings about his groin–“I am me, and my groin stretching.”
Finishing Quote from Adam: “Boom! Bonus Round!”

Adam was the real winner on this work out. He finished strong, whereas I had a hard time keeping up. For a workout titled “Balance and Power” most of the balancing poses had to do with plank or sphinx, and my arms are just not strong enough yet (and tired from Yoga yesterday) to do the poses well. I ended up doing regular push ups in place of many of the exercises. Tony is in rare form, though–he’s particularly excited about this workout and you can tell by the flurry of horrendously awesome jokes.

From Adam’s perspective, he felt it was a “fitting culmination” to the workout week, since it put together moves and positions from all the other days. Also, there’s no need for doing Ab Ripper every other day, since you’re doing core exercises with each move.

Comparing to P90X:
• Unlike the original program, X2 lets you stay in phases from 3-6 weeks, however long your body needs to build the strength, balance, and mobility to go on to the next level. We’ll probably be in Phase 1 for at least 4 weeks.

Bottom Line: It’s going to take a few weeks to really get a good hold on these poses in X2 B&P.

Next up….Rest Day! And Woooo! for completing the first week of P90X2!

P90X2 Day 5: X2 Yoga

Best quote from Tony: “…she’s filled with stretchy gumby juice”

Finishing Quote from Abigail to Adam: “You write the blog today, I’m going to Old Towne”

I have a long way to go before I get here.

Guest blogging today, I Adam Speen will be fulfilling the recap for our X2 Yoga Awesomeness. Yoga was by far the most interesting workout in P90X and X2 delivers again with new power/vinyasa flow sequences.  This time Yoga only lasts around 1hr and 8 minutes as opposed to the solid hour and a half presented in the original P90X. Tony makes up for the lost time by moving between poses in much quicker succession, although five of those poses kept me standing on one leg for nearly 7 minutes.  I am having trouble remembering how much effort the first 45 minutes required since the end of this work out is a sequence of very relaxing poses.

Abigail: “Today’s routine seemed much more like a real yoga class.”  I agree since Tony and “the kids” move slowly through the first repletion of a sequence and then rev up the speed for the next three. The other people in the video also provide many different options for modifying which was great.  Still it seems I have a long way to go until I can successfully complete crane pose while extending one leg behind me.

Comparing X2 Yoga to Yoga X:

  • This is a P90X type of yoga meaning lots of pushups, balance postures, and abdominal work.
  • Its shorter but the sequence moves faster
  • X2 ends up being much more synergistic and dynamic rather than Tony’s first Yoga X which ended up a little segmented.

Bottom Line: We feel a tingly, a little wobbly, but ultimately great.  All that we needed for this workout was a mat, a yoga block, and in my case a towel to wipe away all my sweat.  I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

Blue Crane Inspiration



Next up…X2 Balance and Power… as if we haven’t been working on those already.

P90X2 DAY 4: X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper

Best quote from Tony:“Opening sesame seed”

Dreya Kicks Ass in P90X2 Total Body

Finishing Quote from Adam: (Glaring) “I hate it, but I love it.”
Celebrity P90Xer: DREYA returns and kicks everyone’s butt.

My favorite so far. I love the combination of balance and weight lifting, technique and form, and modifications if you don’t have a balance ball or a pull up bar. Since we only have one bar, Adam and I take turns with reps (I can’t do many).

Bouncy Castle for Adam


Adam: “It’s like doing regular P90X in a bouncy castle, because you’re balancing the whole time.” That engages your core, which you then get sandblasted during Ab Ripper X2, which is 20 reps moving really slowly through painful (but focused) positions.

Comparing to Core Synergistics
• I think Total Body is much more holistic—focusing on balance, stretching, lifting, push ups, pull ups, and keeping the heart rate up.

Bottom Line: Great for athletes and dancers who want to work on core, stability and strength training.

Next up…X2 Yoga. I’m a little scared…

P90X2 DAY 3: Recovery and Mobility

Best last minute purchase: Standard Foam Roller 36” ($27)
Finishing Quote from Adam:“That was enjoyable.”

Rumble Roller -- I want one of these!

We invested in one foam roller last night, which Adam used today. Adam felt that “Recovery and Mobility” was a full tutorial on “this strange equipment” which gave individuals the chance to work out problem areas. It remains to be seen whether stretching or Yoga has a more beneficial effect, since neither of us has rolled before.

However, if you don’t have a foam roller (like me), you spend 20 minutes of your time in self-directed stretching. That was fine for me, since I rolled for about 30 minutes before Adam came home. During the video, I focused on my problem areas in traditional stretching and through Yoga poses.

Videography was good, and there was pretty ample discussion of technique—even for foam roller newbies; but less focus on modifications if you don’t have the gear.

Comparing to Recovery and Mobility to P90X’s Stretch X
• There’s less structure in the stretching.
• Stretch X is more segmented, it is a tutorial on what you are stretching and how to have good technique in stretching.
• R&M has more balance training
• Stretch X is a better beginner program with low flexibility
• R&M assumes you can identify what you need to stretch on your own

Bottom Line:You need a foam roller. Also: it’s nice to have a recovery program after Plyocide to sooth and smooth out sore spots all over the body. I feel more prepared and energized for the next workout.

This roller is like the one we bought.

Next up…X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper!!!

P90X2 DAY 2: Plyocide

Best Quote from Tony: When he tells you to hit the pause button and freezes his face as if you have.
Finishing Quote from Adam: “That was better.”

Plyocide was more like the P90X program we remembered from our first round—yet in some ways, I felt it was better in how it focused on core and glute training. In my review, “P90X: A Woman’s Perspective,” hips, glute, and thigh work was one of the things I felt was lacking.

Tony Horton!

Adam thought the original Plyometrics was more of a cardiovascular program, whereas Plyocide seemed to focus more specifically to target certain muscle groups, making it easier to complete each section with high reps and good form. One of the reasons for this change is the nonplyomentric drill at the beginning of each sequence which gives a little recovery time.

Videography was good, and there was pretty ample discussion of technique—providing you’ve done P90X before.

Downside: The “Plyo Box” — a sturdy stepping stool like object to do a stair climb activity.  We only used it for one drill, and Adam and I don’t have stairs either.  There wasn’t a modification option (other than stairs), as all of the Xers had a box. Why is it there?

Comparing to Plyocide to P90X’s Plyometrics
• There’s less structure in the stretching for the warm up.
• More balance training and stretching built into the drills: example—Warrior 3 lunges.
• More strength focused than cardio focused

Bottom Line: We’re sore from yesterday, and felt good about all the twisting and full body training today. Our apartment seemed better suited for Plyocide. Great for women who want to build a nice butt, thighs, and legs.

Next up…Recovery and Mobility— looks like we really need a foam roller.