P90X2 DAY 3: Recovery and Mobility

Best last minute purchase: Standard Foam Roller 36” ($27)
Finishing Quote from Adam:“That was enjoyable.”

Rumble Roller -- I want one of these!

We invested in one foam roller last night, which Adam used today. Adam felt that “Recovery and Mobility” was a full tutorial on “this strange equipment” which gave individuals the chance to work out problem areas. It remains to be seen whether stretching or Yoga has a more beneficial effect, since neither of us has rolled before.

However, if you don’t have a foam roller (like me), you spend 20 minutes of your time in self-directed stretching. That was fine for me, since I rolled for about 30 minutes before Adam came home. During the video, I focused on my problem areas in traditional stretching and through Yoga poses.

Videography was good, and there was pretty ample discussion of technique—even for foam roller newbies; but less focus on modifications if you don’t have the gear.

Comparing to Recovery and Mobility to P90X’s Stretch X
• There’s less structure in the stretching.
• Stretch X is more segmented, it is a tutorial on what you are stretching and how to have good technique in stretching.
• R&M has more balance training
• Stretch X is a better beginner program with low flexibility
• R&M assumes you can identify what you need to stretch on your own

Bottom Line:You need a foam roller. Also: it’s nice to have a recovery program after Plyocide to sooth and smooth out sore spots all over the body. I feel more prepared and energized for the next workout.

This roller is like the one we bought.

Next up…X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper!!!

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