P90X2 Day 5: X2 Yoga

Best quote from Tony: “…she’s filled with stretchy gumby juice”

Finishing Quote from Abigail to Adam: “You write the blog today, I’m going to Old Towne”

I have a long way to go before I get here.

Guest blogging today, I Adam Speen will be fulfilling the recap for our X2 Yoga Awesomeness. Yoga was by far the most interesting workout in P90X and X2 delivers again with new power/vinyasa flow sequences.  This time Yoga only lasts around 1hr and 8 minutes as opposed to the solid hour and a half presented in the original P90X. Tony makes up for the lost time by moving between poses in much quicker succession, although five of those poses kept me standing on one leg for nearly 7 minutes.  I am having trouble remembering how much effort the first 45 minutes required since the end of this work out is a sequence of very relaxing poses.

Abigail: “Today’s routine seemed much more like a real yoga class.”  I agree since Tony and “the kids” move slowly through the first repletion of a sequence and then rev up the speed for the next three. The other people in the video also provide many different options for modifying which was great.  Still it seems I have a long way to go until I can successfully complete crane pose while extending one leg behind me.

Comparing X2 Yoga to Yoga X:

  • This is a P90X type of yoga meaning lots of pushups, balance postures, and abdominal work.
  • Its shorter but the sequence moves faster
  • X2 ends up being much more synergistic and dynamic rather than Tony’s first Yoga X which ended up a little segmented.

Bottom Line: We feel a tingly, a little wobbly, but ultimately great.  All that we needed for this workout was a mat, a yoga block, and in my case a towel to wipe away all my sweat.  I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

Blue Crane Inspiration



Next up…X2 Balance and Power… as if we haven’t been working on those already.

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