P90X2 Day 7: Rest Day!

Wow! What a week. 

AM Yoga DVD with Rodney Yee


To celebrate the end of our first week, Adam and I decided to do some foam rolling (45 minutes) and then turn on Yoga with our favorite teacher, Rodney Yee.

We’ve had the AM Yoga DVD for a few months now, doing each of the five different 20-minute sequences to start our days. But, since starting P90X2, we’ve missed seeing Rodney.  This morning we did “Back Bends” which focuses on opening up the lower back, in addition hamstrings, hips, etc. My favorite is probably “Hip Openers” because it focuses on one of my tightest areas.  The latter is great for dancers who want to get more out of their swivels.

We highly recommend this to anyone interested in Yoga–it is relaxing, energizing, and wonderful for experts and beginners alike.

Also, we got the compact Rumble Roller (extra firm) in the mail, which we’re excited to use tomorrow.

Next up…Round 2 of X2 Core!

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