P90X2 DAY 4: X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper

Best quote from Tony:“Opening sesame seed”

Dreya Kicks Ass in P90X2 Total Body

Finishing Quote from Adam: (Glaring) “I hate it, but I love it.”
Celebrity P90Xer: DREYA returns and kicks everyone’s butt.

My favorite so far. I love the combination of balance and weight lifting, technique and form, and modifications if you don’t have a balance ball or a pull up bar. Since we only have one bar, Adam and I take turns with reps (I can’t do many).

Bouncy Castle for Adam


Adam: “It’s like doing regular P90X in a bouncy castle, because you’re balancing the whole time.” That engages your core, which you then get sandblasted during Ab Ripper X2, which is 20 reps moving really slowly through painful (but focused) positions.

Comparing to Core Synergistics
• I think Total Body is much more holistic—focusing on balance, stretching, lifting, push ups, pull ups, and keeping the heart rate up.

Bottom Line: Great for athletes and dancers who want to work on core, stability and strength training.

Next up…X2 Yoga. I’m a little scared…

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