P90X2 DAY 2: Plyocide

Best Quote from Tony: When he tells you to hit the pause button and freezes his face as if you have.
Finishing Quote from Adam: “That was better.”

Plyocide was more like the P90X program we remembered from our first round—yet in some ways, I felt it was better in how it focused on core and glute training. In my review, “P90X: A Woman’s Perspective,” hips, glute, and thigh work was one of the things I felt was lacking.

Tony Horton!

Adam thought the original Plyometrics was more of a cardiovascular program, whereas Plyocide seemed to focus more specifically to target certain muscle groups, making it easier to complete each section with high reps and good form. One of the reasons for this change is the nonplyomentric drill at the beginning of each sequence which gives a little recovery time.

Videography was good, and there was pretty ample discussion of technique—providing you’ve done P90X before.

Downside: The “Plyo Box” — a sturdy stepping stool like object to do a stair climb activity.  We only used it for one drill, and Adam and I don’t have stairs either.  There wasn’t a modification option (other than stairs), as all of the Xers had a box. Why is it there?

Comparing to Plyocide to P90X’s Plyometrics
• There’s less structure in the stretching for the warm up.
• More balance training and stretching built into the drills: example—Warrior 3 lunges.
• More strength focused than cardio focused

Bottom Line: We’re sore from yesterday, and felt good about all the twisting and full body training today. Our apartment seemed better suited for Plyocide. Great for women who want to build a nice butt, thighs, and legs.

Next up…Recovery and Mobility— looks like we really need a foam roller.

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