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P90X2 Day 7: Rest Day!

Wow! What a week. 

AM Yoga DVD with Rodney Yee


To celebrate the end of our first week, Adam and I decided to do some foam rolling (45 minutes) and then turn on Yoga with our favorite teacher, Rodney Yee.

We’ve had the AM Yoga DVD for a few months now, doing each of the five different 20-minute sequences to start our days. But, since starting P90X2, we’ve missed seeing Rodney.  This morning we did “Back Bends” which focuses on opening up the lower back, in addition hamstrings, hips, etc. My favorite is probably “Hip Openers” because it focuses on one of my tightest areas.  The latter is great for dancers who want to get more out of their swivels.

We highly recommend this to anyone interested in Yoga–it is relaxing, energizing, and wonderful for experts and beginners alike.

Also, we got the compact Rumble Roller (extra firm) in the mail, which we’re excited to use tomorrow.

Next up…Round 2 of X2 Core!

P90X2 Day 6: X2 Balance and Power

Best Quote from Tony: when he sings about his groin–“I am me, and my groin stretching.”
Finishing Quote from Adam: “Boom! Bonus Round!”

Adam was the real winner on this work out. He finished strong, whereas I had a hard time keeping up. For a workout titled “Balance and Power” most of the balancing poses had to do with plank or sphinx, and my arms are just not strong enough yet (and tired from Yoga yesterday) to do the poses well. I ended up doing regular push ups in place of many of the exercises. Tony is in rare form, though–he’s particularly excited about this workout and you can tell by the flurry of horrendously awesome jokes.

From Adam’s perspective, he felt it was a “fitting culmination” to the workout week, since it put together moves and positions from all the other days. Also, there’s no need for doing Ab Ripper every other day, since you’re doing core exercises with each move.

Comparing to P90X:
• Unlike the original program, X2 lets you stay in phases from 3-6 weeks, however long your body needs to build the strength, balance, and mobility to go on to the next level. We’ll probably be in Phase 1 for at least 4 weeks.

Bottom Line: It’s going to take a few weeks to really get a good hold on these poses in X2 B&P.

Next up….Rest Day! And Woooo! for completing the first week of P90X2!

P90X2 DAY 2: Plyocide

Best Quote from Tony: When he tells you to hit the pause button and freezes his face as if you have.
Finishing Quote from Adam: “That was better.”

Plyocide was more like the P90X program we remembered from our first round—yet in some ways, I felt it was better in how it focused on core and glute training. In my review, “P90X: A Woman’s Perspective,” hips, glute, and thigh work was one of the things I felt was lacking.

Tony Horton!

Adam thought the original Plyometrics was more of a cardiovascular program, whereas Plyocide seemed to focus more specifically to target certain muscle groups, making it easier to complete each section with high reps and good form. One of the reasons for this change is the nonplyomentric drill at the beginning of each sequence which gives a little recovery time.

Videography was good, and there was pretty ample discussion of technique—providing you’ve done P90X before.

Downside: The “Plyo Box” — a sturdy stepping stool like object to do a stair climb activity.  We only used it for one drill, and Adam and I don’t have stairs either.  There wasn’t a modification option (other than stairs), as all of the Xers had a box. Why is it there?

Comparing to Plyocide to P90X’s Plyometrics
• There’s less structure in the stretching for the warm up.
• More balance training and stretching built into the drills: example—Warrior 3 lunges.
• More strength focused than cardio focused

Bottom Line: We’re sore from yesterday, and felt good about all the twisting and full body training today. Our apartment seemed better suited for Plyocide. Great for women who want to build a nice butt, thighs, and legs.

Next up…Recovery and Mobility— looks like we really need a foam roller.

P90X2 DAY 1: X2 Core

Best Quote from Tony: “Cromagnum Hip.”

DVDs, foam roller, balance ball, and medicine balls

Finishing Quote from Adam: “This is terrible.”

We didn’t have foam rollers, balance balls, or medicine balls, which definitely made it harder to understand all of the variations right away. We paused often to realign our mats and review methods and technique. Right away we felt that 1) our apartment’s den was a little too small for all of the movements for two people (our Christmas tree is still up!), and 2) we need to get the gear to get the most out of the program.

In some ways, we wonder if the X2 Core is the first DVD to truly convince the Xers to buy the specific gear for this program. Our gut reaction: a let down. Still, as a result, Adam’s online looking at foam rollers ($25-$70), medicine balls ($10), and balance balls ($10-$30). Granted, used sports stores are also possibilities for cheaper options.

Downside: Videography was difficult to follow, along with the lighting. Adam and I felt that they went a little too quickly between each movement without less discussion of technique. It was hard to get a good workout because we felt that we didn’t have the technique or equipment to do so.

Comparing to P90X:
• I only used a mat, pull up bar, and 10 lb weights for the first phase of P90X before feeling like I need to get more gear. I’m worried my apartment can’t hold 2 balance balls and all the other gear!
• Many, many more sphinx push-up poses in this particular DVD
• Tony spends less time explaining technique and modifications, the expectation is that you will take care of your own body and pacing, and that you need less motivation to “press play.”

Bottom Line: Adam mentioned that he had forgotten what it was like to start a new program, particularly something as complex as P90X2. The learning phase takes a while to settle to where you get the maximum reps and use out of each drill. Several times I said, “I have no idea what I’m doing.” It was frustrating, but you have to remember it is part of the process.

Next up…Plyocide…

P90X2: Bring it…again!

Adam and I did the original P90X during the fall of 2009. I thought he was a guy I might want to spend more time with, but since he lived in Philadelphia and I lived in DC, I challenged him to complete the P90X program with me via phone call check ups. He’d been thinking about it for a while, since our friends and colleagues, Robert White and Nick Williams had been doing the program, but I was still surprised when he agreed to “Bring It.” This meant I had to keep my word.

Each day before we did our program (usually around 6am before work or 5:30pm when we got home), we would call each other to pump each other up and to “press play” at the same time.  For the first time in my life, I looked forward to workouts…and calls from Adam.  After we completed the day’s workout, we called each other in celebration, discussing our difficulties and our achievements.

Completion Date of P90X! (He's really pale)

One afternoon that summer, I got a text from Adam saying “Start without me, I’m stuck in traffic.”  This was not unusual, as his commute in Philadelphia was almost as bad as mine from Arlington, VA to Sidwell Friends School, where I worked.  I started Kenpo.  When I finished, the doorbell rang.  I stood sweaty and gross from the workout while Adam was there holding a bouquet of flowers! He’d driven the three hours in rush hour traffic, completed 3 P90X workouts in one day to come visit and not miss any, and waited for me to complete Kenpo to surprise me!

Needless to say, we completed the program together that fall, as a couple.

We’ve since moved to North Carolina together, started graduate school, and filled up a small apartment.  This Christmas, Adam received P90X2, and the journey has begun again. While we have kept dancing and Adam has been exercising more frequently than I, we are not in the shape we used to be. This blog will try to manage our reflections of the process in comparison to our experience with the original.

We hope you’ll join us on the journey!