P90X2 Day 6: X2 Balance and Power

Best Quote from Tony: when he sings about his groin–“I am me, and my groin stretching.”
Finishing Quote from Adam: “Boom! Bonus Round!”

Adam was the real winner on this work out. He finished strong, whereas I had a hard time keeping up. For a workout titled “Balance and Power” most of the balancing poses had to do with plank or sphinx, and my arms are just not strong enough yet (and tired from Yoga yesterday) to do the poses well. I ended up doing regular push ups in place of many of the exercises. Tony is in rare form, though–he’s particularly excited about this workout and you can tell by the flurry of horrendously awesome jokes.

From Adam’s perspective, he felt it was a “fitting culmination” to the workout week, since it put together moves and positions from all the other days. Also, there’s no need for doing Ab Ripper every other day, since you’re doing core exercises with each move.

Comparing to P90X:
• Unlike the original program, X2 lets you stay in phases from 3-6 weeks, however long your body needs to build the strength, balance, and mobility to go on to the next level. We’ll probably be in Phase 1 for at least 4 weeks.

Bottom Line: It’s going to take a few weeks to really get a good hold on these poses in X2 B&P.

Next up….Rest Day! And Woooo! for completing the first week of P90X2!

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