Frankie Manning

We’re heading to Norfolk, VA today to teach, which made me think about and miss Frankie Manning.  I revisited this video from Frankie 95, which I hope our students from Be My Jazz Baby get a chance to see if they haven’t already.

P90X2 Day 5: X2 Yoga

Best quote from Tony: “…she’s filled with stretchy gumby juice” Finishing Quote from Abigail to Adam: “You write the blog today, I’m going to Old Towne” Guest blogging today, I Adam Speen will be fulfilling the recap for our X2 Yoga Awesomeness. Yoga was by far the most interesting workout in P90X and X2 deliversContinue reading “P90X2 Day 5: X2 Yoga”

P90X2 DAY 4: X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper

Best quote from Tony:“Opening sesame seed” Finishing Quote from Adam: (Glaring) “I hate it, but I love it.” Celebrity P90Xer: DREYA returns and kicks everyone’s butt. My favorite so far. I love the combination of balance and weight lifting, technique and form, and modifications if you don’t have a balance ball or a pull upContinue reading “P90X2 DAY 4: X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper”

P90X2 DAY 3: Recovery and Mobility

Best last minute purchase: Standard Foam Roller 36” ($27) Finishing Quote from Adam:“That was enjoyable.” We invested in one foam roller last night, which Adam used today. Adam felt that “Recovery and Mobility” was a full tutorial on “this strange equipment” which gave individuals the chance to work out problem areas. It remains to beContinue reading “P90X2 DAY 3: Recovery and Mobility”