P90X2 DAY 1: X2 Core

Best Quote from Tony: “Cromagnum Hip.”

DVDs, foam roller, balance ball, and medicine balls

Finishing Quote from Adam: “This is terrible.”

We didn’t have foam rollers, balance balls, or medicine balls, which definitely made it harder to understand all of the variations right away. We paused often to realign our mats and review methods and technique. Right away we felt that 1) our apartment’s den was a little too small for all of the movements for two people (our Christmas tree is still up!), and 2) we need to get the gear to get the most out of the program.

In some ways, we wonder if the X2 Core is the first DVD to truly convince the Xers to buy the specific gear for this program. Our gut reaction: a let down. Still, as a result, Adam’s online looking at foam rollers ($25-$70), medicine balls ($10), and balance balls ($10-$30). Granted, used sports stores are also possibilities for cheaper options.

Downside: Videography was difficult to follow, along with the lighting. Adam and I felt that they went a little too quickly between each movement without less discussion of technique. It was hard to get a good workout because we felt that we didn’t have the technique or equipment to do so.

Comparing to P90X:
• I only used a mat, pull up bar, and 10 lb weights for the first phase of P90X before feeling like I need to get more gear. I’m worried my apartment can’t hold 2 balance balls and all the other gear!
• Many, many more sphinx push-up poses in this particular DVD
• Tony spends less time explaining technique and modifications, the expectation is that you will take care of your own body and pacing, and that you need less motivation to “press play.”

Bottom Line: Adam mentioned that he had forgotten what it was like to start a new program, particularly something as complex as P90X2. The learning phase takes a while to settle to where you get the maximum reps and use out of each drill. Several times I said, “I have no idea what I’m doing.” It was frustrating, but you have to remember it is part of the process.

Next up…Plyocide…

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