Frankie Manning

We’re heading to Norfolk, VA today to teach, which made me think about and miss Frankie Manning.  I revisited this video from Frankie 95, which I hope our students from Be My Jazz Baby get a chance to see if they haven’t already.

P90X2 Day 5: X2 Yoga

Best quote from Tony: “…she’s filled with stretchy gumby juice” Finishing Quote from Abigail to Adam: “You write the blog today, I’m going to Old Towne” Guest blogging today, I Adam Speen will be fulfilling the recap for our X2 Yoga Awesomeness. Yoga was by far the most interesting workout in P90X and X2 deliversContinue reading “P90X2 Day 5: X2 Yoga”

P90X2 DAY 4: X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper

Best quote from Tony:“Opening sesame seed” Finishing Quote from Adam: (Glaring) “I hate it, but I love it.” Celebrity P90Xer: DREYA returns and kicks everyone’s butt. My favorite so far. I love the combination of balance and weight lifting, technique and form, and modifications if you don’t have a balance ball or a pull upContinue reading “P90X2 DAY 4: X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper”

P90X2 DAY 3: Recovery and Mobility

Best last minute purchase: Standard Foam Roller 36” ($27) Finishing Quote from Adam:“That was enjoyable.” We invested in one foam roller last night, which Adam used today. Adam felt that “Recovery and Mobility” was a full tutorial on “this strange equipment” which gave individuals the chance to work out problem areas. It remains to beContinue reading “P90X2 DAY 3: Recovery and Mobility”

Won’t you… “Be My Jazz Baby”?

A few of our students at Lindy Focus were asking where we’d be next, so here are the details! Be My Jazz Baby January 20-22nd Norfolk, VA We’re heading up to Norfolk, Virginia for Southside Stomp’s first multi-track weekend featuring Drew Nugent & The Midnight Society.  Adam and I were lucky to hear him playingContinue reading “Won’t you… “Be My Jazz Baby”?”

DC Swing eXperience

This year, I was asked to dj for the inaugural DC Swing eXperience, a crossover Westie/Lindy event (though about 200:1 ratio of West Coast Swing dancers to Lindy Hoppers).  Jerry Almonte invited me up to share the DJ booth with him and we had the whole room to ourselves and a few other Lindy Hoppers. Continue reading “DC Swing eXperience”

February Classes in Durham: The Legacy of Jewel and Dean

Recently, fellow dancer and instructor, Nick Williams compiled some of his favorite clips of Jewel McGowan, famed lindy hopper from the far reaches of California during the swing era.  At Hot Club in February, Adam and I will be doing a series on her and her partner, Dean Collins, known for their energetic style andContinue reading “February Classes in Durham: The Legacy of Jewel and Dean”