Why My Home is AWESOME

Moving back to North Carolina, to a city 45 minutes from where I grew up, was not something I imagined I would do before I was ready to “settle down.”  However, getting into the excellent MFA in Creative Writing Program at UNCG accelerated my return to one of the best states in the US.

One of the things I love about being here is that I can walk to my favorite coffee shop (just 5 minutes away): TATE STREET COFFEE.  Wait. It gets better.

Every Thursday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning, there is LIVE JAZZ.  Fun live jazz.  Since UNCG has a prestigious Miles Davis Jazz Studies Program, both instructors and students jam on Thursdays.  However, since that night is when Adam and I usually go to Durham, we go on Sunday mornings and hear the gypsy jazz stylings of the Hot Club of North Carolina.  The floor is linoleum and dusty, perfect for sliding, and the band is funny and kind–playing mostly Django songs in addition to other standards.

I love it here.

PS–Thanks to Zev and Jen (Scricco) Barnett for the tunic dress!

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