What Happens When Swing DJs Stay Up Late on Facebook

As a swing DJ, this pretty much takes the cake for geeking out.  Great people, great DJs, impossible puns. My heaven…my blue heaven. Unfortunately, perhaps because of our awesomeness or complete contempt for puns, Facebook deleted the post.  Here’s as far as I got in saving it before it disappeared. Michael Gamble and Allen Kerr weighed in later, so perhaps they can add in the comments section…

UPDATE: Either Facebook worked again or I obviously don’t understand how to read my profile.

Abigail Status Update: “Good morning heartache, what’s new?”

Breanna: It’s not morning yet, silly! Go back to bed and try again later.

Abigail: hahaha 😀 Miss you so much, darling.

Breanna: I miss you too! So come up this-a-way.

Abigail: I might, just to DUKE it out with Yossef.,

Yossef: You can COUNT on it.

Abigail: Excellent. I’ll bring my BILLIE club.

Breanna: I’m gonna lock doors just so you both have to JIMMIE them.

Abigail: I’ll have to make my ARMSTRONG.

Breanna: Maybe Yossef will be a GOODMAN and hold them open for you.

Yossef: Rather than fight, let’s have a relaxing stroll through a TEAGARDEN.

Abigail: And walk through CLOUDS OF JOY?

Abigail: Or through some rolling GLENNS?

Breanna: Passing through trellises full of IVIE?

Abigail: Good thing I’m on HOLIDAY.

Abigail: What a fantastic WEBB of puns.

Yossef: I just want to find a HOT CLUB where we can sit down and enjoy a snack, maybe a JELLY ROLL.

Breanna: I’m DIZZY with giddyness about all these puns!

Abigail: We could pick up a CHICK or two.

Abigail: MILES to go before we sleep.

Yossef: If it’s too far, we could take a CAB.

Breanna: I’m not sure I can CONDONe such behavior.

Abigail: I’m not looking to eat too many transFATS.

Abigail: Maybe we’ll get LUCKY.

Yossef: I’m seem to do fine with the fatty foods. Maybe it’s my GENEs.

Abigail: I’m jealous. I tend to get the KRUPA.

Yossef: Does that come from food? I thought that was more of weather-based phenomenon, and it is kind of chilly still. You’d better bring a JACQUET.

Abigail: I need to buy a new one. I’m not as SLIM as I used to be.

Yossef: Maybe you can get by with a nice SHAWl.

Abigail: Maybe if I hold a TEDDY close, I’ll be warm enough.

Yossef: Don’t KID yourself.

Abigail: STUFF it.

Abigail: LES just forget about it.

Yossef: I don’t think I can GARNER any more.

Abigail: You’re just RUSHING away from me.

Yossef: I’m just getting tired, and I want to go to bed and cuddle with my BERIGAN.

Abigail: Alright, BUD. If you must.

Yossef: I’m sorry I couldn’t HACKETT.

Abigail: You’re a FREEMAN. Do as you will

Rob: Oh, these puns. The misery. I’m just going to sit right down and WALLER in it.

Rob: Seriously, I don’t know why you all are doing this. You’re just deBASIEng yourselves.

Abigail: Aw, Rob, You’re being a LIL’ HARDIN on us.

Rob: I hafta. These puns make me want to kick, scream ORYell.

Abigail: Please don’t SLAM the door.

Abigail: At least be CHRISTIAN about it.

Michael: I don’t believe that you guys wanna quit before I even get here. If you’ll all just stop LIONEL keep it going a bit longer.

Allen: For SHAW. Do your best to GRAPPELLI with the situation.

Yossef: This sure is a DJANGOod time.

Abigail: As to Rob, WILLIE stay, and continue to EDDIE the WATTERS?

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