Lindy Focus!

Adam Speen and I will be teaching at Lindy Focus this year–our second time working with the LF Balboa track!  We’re excited to also be running the auditions for the advanced track, which will be a skill assessment instead of the normal jack-and-jill style rotation through social dancing.

Michael Gamble commissioned Adam and me to revamp and try something new for the audition process.  The inaugural approach is meant to not only help instructors get a better sense of this year’s balboa cohort, but to also let students have some time to reflect on the skills in which they excel or lack proficiency. By the end of the test, all students should have a detailed idea of some concepts to work on for the week, with the goal of leading to more focused learning.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?! We can’t wait to be involved in the process!


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