Learn Gangbusters!

In 2006, Abigail created a routine to The Cats and the Fiddle song, “Gang Busters.”  The choreography caught on through workshops and is a staple in DC, Philly, Blacksburg, Nashville, Norfolk, New York City–and even as far away as Morocco and Dubai!

You can watch the original video here from 2006, and then watch the series that Aba taught at The Jam Cellar below:

Follow along as Aba does the routine facing away from the camera:

Here is the choreography written out. This is for personal educational use only. If you would like to teach this routine, please contact Aba for permission. If you are going to perform the routine, please record a copy of your performance and send it to Abigail! She’d love to see you dance her routine!

Gang Busters repetition

  1. Charleston (kick on 1 with Right foot, drop hold on “Gang”)
  2. Suzy, Suzy, Heel toe (to the Left), heel toe (to the Right) step down on Right foot on 8
  3. Turning Charleston to the Right (kick with left foot on 1)
  4. Kick forward with Left, Kick replace with Right, Stomp off (on and 6 and 7 and 8)
  1. Charleston
  2. Suzy, Suzy, Heel toe, Heel toe
  3. Turning Charleston
  4. Kick forward, Kick replace, Body roll (toe to head) attitude — Boy!

Mix-it transition

1. Tacky Annie (Right back on 1)
2. Left leg sweep on “Mix it”; Lock behind on “With”; Unwind on “a little bit of” Toes together in-outs (start to your left) L,
R, L, R
3. Drop boogie to your left (3 taps); Drop Boogie to your right (3 taps)
4. Rocks (starting forward on Left foot)

Gang Busters again

  1. Charleston (drop hold on “Gang”)
  2. Suzy, Suzy, Heel toe, heel toe
  3. Turning Charleston
  4. Kick forward L, Kick replace, Shoe Shine!

Bang Bangs:

1. Pushes (start on Right leg)
2. Flying Charleston (One, two, scooch step, step scuff and triple step)
3. Pushes (start on Right leg)
4. Crazy Legs (Start on Right leg)

1. Pushes (start on Right leg)
2. Flying Charleston (One, two, schooch step, step scuff and triple step)
3. Pushes (start on Right leg)
4. Blip Blops: Right Left Right Left, Lock step, unwind

Second half starting at 1:12 –


1. Fall Off Log (Start to L)
2. Fall Off Log (Start to L)
3. Sailor Steps (Rx4 Lx4)
4. Tick Tocks (Start with hands facing down, palms away from audience)

Bang Bangs

1. Pushes
2. Flying Charleston
3. Pushes
4. Reel it in

Guitar Solo #1 (2 phrases)

1. Charleston
2. Charleston

3. Siskaboom-bahs x2
4. Scarecrow Charleston

1. Scarecrow Charleston
2. Cross Kicks into 3 taps
3. Turning rocks
4. Suzy Qs (away from audience for front row) / Shorty Georges coming forward

Guitar Solo #2 (2 phrases)

1. Charleston
2. Low Charleston (hold 5-8)
3. Apple Jacks (Turning to audience)
4. Itches

1. Special heel toes/stomp off
2. Special heel toes/drop
3. “Corkscrews” Knee twist tap tap (R) Knee twist tap tap (L)
4. Charleston pivot hold

Run du dah’s

1. Cakewalk (Starting forward on R foot)
2. Cakewalk (Starting foward on R Foot)
3. Cakewalk facing audience (Starting forward on R foot)
4. Break-a legs (2)

1. Cakewalk
2. Cakewalk
3. Cakewalk (Facing audience)
4. Break-a-legs (2)

Da Da’s

1. Turning Charleston
2. Turning Charleston
3. Magic Flapper Knees (hands on both knees)
4. Magic Flapper Knees (hands on one knee)

Run du dah’s

1. Frankie Charleston (Down on “day”)
2. Frankie Charleston (Down on “day”)
3. Frankie Charleston (Down on “day”)
4. Crazy Legs Charleston


1. Same old
2. Same old
3. Same old
4. After scoop, just land, weight on left foot.


1. “Get in” Rock step
2. “the groove” lock cross
3. “today” unwind with arms extended
4. “end strum” bow

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