Online Lessons

Abigail Browning and Adam Speen now have online lessons via!

Work on your dancing in the comfort of your home with these packs:

Not just for Balboa dancers, this pack is a great introduction to many of the questions that often haunt beginner dancers, from choosing the right clothing to finding a dance partner!

This pack is great for anyone who wants to work on their posture in Balboa.  Also, since it’s not uncommon for swing dancers to migrate to Balboa from the Lindy Hop world, we decided to offer a pack that explains some of the technical differences between the dances. Even if you’re not a Lindy Hopper, there is plenty of great technical and stylistic insight contained herein!

Once you’ve learned the basic patterns of this dance, it’s time to add some embellishments, interjections, and other manifestations of your personal style. This pack provides a great way to get started!

This pack focuses on centered turning, a key skill in Bal Swing, by making use of both moves and exercises which demonstrate the necessary concepts.

This pack is a detailed study of some of the different ways momentum can be used in the dance effectively and creatively by both partners.

This lesson pack is about importing some great jazz movement into a social Bal Swing context as a great excuse to play with footwork, timing, style, and improvisation.